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Hack and Malware Clean-Up

If you can’t access your WordPress admin or your Website suspended by Web host or blacklisted by google it is most likely due to the hack. Most hacks are caused by old plugins and themes and many sites are hacked through common, known vulnerabilities. We’ve been able to help countless store owners WordPress Malware Removal Services regain control of their websites due to a hack.

It is not advised that you attempt to clean the site yourself, please give us a call and we can discuss your options. In most cases we will be able to fix your website in 24 hours or less, but the first step is to reach for expert help. Here are the services we offer:


  • Malware Scanning and detection for even the most complicated and malware.
  • Expert Analysis will work on removing malware and viruses on your website.
  • Detailed web security status reports
  • WordPress Hardening measures to protect your site from hackers, bots, and botnets.
  • Complete Malware Removal of malware injections, malicious files, and backdoors.

Once we clean your website we will discuss ways you can prevent future attacks and stay one step ahead of those that are trying to do you harm.