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Building your Business with SMS and Email Out of Stock Notifications

Let’s face it: at some point you will have products that go out of stock in your WooCommerce store. Instead of hiding these items, convert your out of stock items into valuable leads and sales!

The typical conversion rate for most WooCommerce stores hover around 1-5 Percent. This means only a small fraction of people who come to your site and visit actually purchase. If you hide your out of stock products, and they were looking for those products- unfortunately, you just lost a sale. And what products typically go out of stock first? You guessed it- the most popular ones!

Turn on notifications, and profits!

Add the Emptive Out of Stock Portal to your website, and watch your conversions soar! When you add Emptive to your site, you not only increase your sales. You give your customers a better brand experience at the same time.

The powerful programming behind Emptive allows you to easily add an alert button to your products. With the alert button in place, the customer can be notified when the product comes back in stock. Bonus? Unlike similar products on the market, the Emptive portal also supports SMS (text) message alerts for mobile customers, as well as product recommendations in cases where it may take longer to restock, or there are similar products the customer may not be aware of.Best of all, the smart programming technology allows for you to throttle the response, so you don’t send 500 messages for 20 products you put back in stock! A common problem with other similar offerings.

Gain valuable buyer insight

Emptive also makes it possible to make better inventory decisions by analyzing product waitlists. If you just hide an out of stock product, you miss out on collecting data on what people wanted to buy.

Make them happy, and make the sale

Instead of offering your customers disappointment, offer them delight! Most customers, even the most loyal, won’t keep coming back to see if your add back inventory, Their negative experience may also harm your brand, as disappointment lingers, especially if you sell out a lot. Turn those frowns upside down, and alert your customers when it’s time to come back to your store to order.

Customers aren’t interested in monitoring your site to see when the thing they wanted to buy is restocked. If they can’t buy something from you, they move on fast. But they’ll also probably remember that experience, and you can damage customer loyalty if you tend to sell out a lot.

Don’t lose any more customers to out of stock items! Add Emptive to your site today, and watch your leads grow!