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Hosting and Migrations

Moving or migrating your WooCommerce store can seem like a daunting and stressful experience, but not if you ask the experts!

Often there are some solid reason for the migration and most involve changing the host due to their mistakes or outgrowing the current host and needing a new host with more options.

And if you’re going to move the website, you might as well look into other updates right? Most migrations also involve updating the website, changing the theme, or reducing the number of plugins as well. Hosting company employees often don’t have the depth of knowledge around WooCommerce to understand how to move and improve a website at the same time.

Moving WooCommerce websites, adds additional difficulty when compared to moving a WordPress website. Often with WooCommerce websites there are more moving parts, more database entires and more things that need to be investigated prior to the move.

Far too often migrating to a more reliable host is delayed for fear of making a mistake and damaging sales. But it doesn’t need to be this way if you take our three prong approach.

  • First, we will help you identify and document all the steps in the process so everyone is clear on the migration plan.
  • Next, we discuss with you your options and even more importantly how these options will impact the outcome and may be things you have not even considered.
  • Lastly we schedule the migration and ensure that everyone is involved and vested in the migration.

While every migration is different we realize that your company move is the most important. Let us help you plan and execute your hosting improvements and migrations.